2013 Information

What a GREAT First year!! Thanks to everyone who came out to join the Cargo Bike Fair, Disaster Relief Trials, and Fiets of Parenthood.  There are a lot of pictures on our Facebook Event and our regular Facebook Page.

Here are the results from this years event [ Results DRT2013 (pdf) ].  Stay tuned for an evaluation survey we’ll email out and post here and on Facebook.

The Disaster Relief Trials (DRT) is a cargo bike race designed to help demonstrate the abilities of cargo bikes in disaster situations.The DRT, which originated in Portland in 2012, are now expanding to other bicycle friendly locations such as Seattle, & Boulder, as well as making their debut in Eugene this fall. The riders plan and navigate a course of their choosing through the city, to designated check points, in order to fulfill the criteria of the trials, with fully loaded bikes on city roads. At each check point riders will encounter obstacles or have tasks to assist response teams (like a neighborhood Community Emergency Response Team – CERT group).

While the riders are completing the course, a Cargo Bike Fair will be held at the Start/Finish of the DRT along with a “Fiets of Parenthood” short course for family cargo bikers and younger riders. The Cargo Bike Fair Fair will be a great place to show off cargo bikes, bike gear to individuals and families who are interested in expanding their use of bikes in town and emergency preparedness supplies to people interested in disaster resilience.

We look forward to seeing the diverse riders participating in the DRT and coming to the Cargo Bike Fair.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.54.16 PM

The DRT will start and finish at Alton Baker Park on Saturday October 11th…More information soon…

Your presence and participation with the DRT is very important. Our Goal is twofold: to expose the event audience to as many family/cargo platforms as possible (and the myriad options that allow these bikes to be customized to suit any individual, family or business need; and to inspire families and individuals to take steps to become more prepared for emergencies and increase awareness of disaster awareness.

Please also check out our Facebook Event Page Here.

Register here.

Volunteer here.

Sponsorship & booths info here.


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