2014 Results:

RESULTS- All Classes (pdf)

Citizen Survival

Family Results

Resilience E-Assist Resilience Responder

Women's Division

RESULTS- Overall Mixed (PDF)

Overall Mixed Family&Citizen

 All Class Mix2

All Class Mix3

Other Results

In our recalculations and reconfiguring we also have some more winners for Awards. The following people can pick up prizes at the City of Eugene Emergency Management office (940 Willamette St. Suite 200). Also, if you are a top three finisher in any of the four classes and did NOT receive a prize on the day of the event you should have a prize waiting for you too. Please call Patence Winningham to confirm (541) 682-5665.

Best Spirit Award: Chris Manuel – He may have gotten hit by a car but he still came back for the awards and celebration! Pick up a steel pint and a CCC Delivery credit downtown.

Best Team Effort Award: The Skov Family – With all family members riding, including one kiddo on her own bike and Dad in the Resilience class they showed what true family biking spirit is! Pick up your prizes (and spoke cards) downtown.

2nd Place Responder: Lucas Strain – Now YOU TOO can have a special pair of arm warmers 🙂

1st Place Women’s Citizen: Diana Finkenaw – Steel Pint & Mondo Forcella Gift Certificate

1st Place Women’s Resilience: Rachel Sanders – Mondo Forcella Gift Certificate & Lumberjane Arm Warmers

1st Place Women’s Responder: Laura Rose – Water bottle and a coozie

New Overall “Top Three” Raffle Prize Winner: Rachel Sanders – 6 Bottles of Cider

 Fiets of Parenthood:
1st    Rob/Liam: 1:59
2nd  Terri/Sidney: 2:01
3rd   Josh/Oliver: 2:21

Kids Division of Fiets of Parenthood
1st    Louis:  1:46:34
2nd   Zack:  1:58:09
3rd   Ruioh  1:58:70

2013 Results:
Results1 DRT2013Results2 DRT2013Results3 DRT2013


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